The importance of the rapid development of the Vehicle Car Camera industry!

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Vehicle Car Camera is mainly used in the on-board mobile scenarios of various commercial vehicles, including buses, taxis, shuttle buses, tourist chartered vehicles, special vehicles for transporting hazardous chemicals, school buses, police cars, trucks, etc. Monitoring of road traffic safety, driving behavior codes, etc.

Due to the rapid development of the Internet in recent years, more and more young people's acceptance of ride-hailing has become an important way for citizens to travel. The ride-hailing industry has developed rapidly. As of 2018, the number of ride-hailing taxi users in China 330 million person-times. However, in the past year or two, the problem of the safety of online car rental has been frequent, which has reduced consumers' trust in online car rental, thus forcing web cars to improve their safety. To a certain extent, vehicle video surveillance can constrain the driver's behavior, reduce the probability of safety incidents, and fundamentally eliminate the hidden dangers of online taxis. Therefore, the market demand for Vehicle Car Monitor China continues to grow, and the industry has a bright future

As consumers attach importance to vehicle monitoring systems, the demand for vehicle monitoring has continued to grow last time, and has gradually diversified. At present, although the vehicle monitoring industry in our country has reached technical maturity in basic hardware, there is still a relatively small gap in software system construction Big problems and the lack of unification of relevant standards make the system unable to integrate and figure out, which is not conducive to the development of the industry. However, driven by the rapid development of 5G networks and the "Made in China 2025" strategy, the automotive monitoring industry will develop rapidly in the future, and the industry will develop intelligent, high-definition, and integrated in the future.

With the increasing emphasis on public safety in modern society, the demand for monitoring and other products has increased, making the vehicle monitoring industry develop rapidly. But at present, the development of China's automotive video surveillance industry is still in its infancy, with low added value of products and low-price competition in the market, and its development is relatively slow. However, with the promotion of technology and policies, China's vehicle monitoring industry is gradually developing.

How is the hard disk fault-tolerant error correction of the car DVR designed?

2CH 1081P Camera GPS 4G WIFI SD Dual Mobile DVR

2CH 1081P Camera GPS 4G WIFI SD Dual Mobile DVR

The hard disk's fault tolerance and error correction ability is a difficult problem that has been struggling to be solved in both the IT hardware industry and the software industry since the hard disk. For an embedded system, it is very difficult to achieve a perfect fault-tolerant design! But for the design of the embedded system, the embedded system was originally designed for the pursuit of better stability and execution speed. However, there is a problem that cannot be ignored is poor portability. Big changes. So its first design idea is important. For embedded systems, the effective method for fault tolerance and correction of hard disks is read-write control. Our company also has 2CH 1081P Camera GPS 4G WIFI SD Dual Mobile DVR on sale, welcome to consult.

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