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Dear Visitors,
Shenzhen QOHO Electronics Co.,Ltd would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for your attendace in our boot at IFSEC India 2019(Hall 15, G23, Dec 29-21, 2019)
It was a very successful exhibition in security industry with over 350 top brands and 18000+ attendees. And we do believe India is a booming market with grear potential.
It's a great pleasure to meeting and discussing with your about our hotest and latest products as well as solutions. (8-CH HDD MDVR, 4-CH waterproof SSD MDVR, 4-CH SD card MDVR, 1-CH 1080P MDVR,2-CH 1080P  MDVR, 2-CH 1080P  Dual SD cards MDVR, 4G Intelligent Police Body Cam and Driver Fatigue Monitor). 
There are many customers showed great interests in our school bus solution. QOHO school bus solution is a very typical and successful solution which was already successful implemented in Middle east countries with positive feedback, and got approval from local government and education department. 
QOHO School Bus Solution
Our latest products 1-CH 1080P MDVR with GPS 4G WIFI, 2-CH 1080P MDVR with GPS 4G WIFI and 2-CH 1080P Dual SD Card MDVR are very popular and customers are willing to add these products in there products line and would like to marketing and promoting them. 
1-CH 1080P Mobile DVR with GPS 4G WIFI
2-CH 1080P Mobile DVR with GPS 4G WIFI
2-CH 1080P Dual SD Cards Mobile DVR with GPS 4G WIFI
Some visitors think the latest advanced 4G Intelligent Police Body Cam with strong functions even facial recognition and plate recognition would be perfect for some government and police projects. 
4G intelligence police body cam
QOHO's Driver Fatigue Monitor got high recommendation for long way transportation industries because of its high accuracy. And they were looking forward to check the next version which would have more function as yawning alarm, smoking alarm and telephoning alarm. 
Driver Fatigue Monitor
We have very good customers who have their own booths At IFSEC as well. After visiting us at our booth, they invited us to visit theirs. And some very nice customers help us to introduce our products and solutions when the booth is very busy and crowded. Even, there were some customers after checking our products' quality and functions, they directly bought some sample from us at our booth and willing to present something new to their regular customers. 
IFSEC India 2019 - 1
IFSEC India 2019 - 2
Shenzhen QOHO Electronics Co.,Ltd would like to thank you for your trust and we will keep on developing good products and giving you the best support. We are looking forward for a great long term relationship ahead!
Wish you all Happy New Year and all the best in the new year!

Best Regards
Shenzhen QOHO Electronics Co.,Ltd

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