QOHO Shenzhen & QOHO UK

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QOHO Shenzhen & QOHO UK
QOHO Shenzhen met QOHO UK and work many years. So that QOHO UK is our sole distributor in UK, they can give best support and technology in UK. So we thin it’s best choice for us in UK.

Tony is founder of QOHO UK.Jimmy is founder of QOHO Shenzhen. QOHO aims at quality, service(professional pre-service and after service), reputation.  

so they believe the quality of QOHO equipment is very good because of same ideas, QOHO Shenzhen and QOHO UK come together!

Hope QOHO Shenzhen and QOHO UK will work together to provide best service to QOHO clients!

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