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•The CMS Server Network can support up to 100,000 vehicles monitoring.
•Vehicle information management system. 
•Quickly locate and track vehicles quickly via GPS information, displays real-time vehicle status display online and statistical interpretation of data collected. 
•Alarms and Alerts information statistical functions. 
•Send SMS Alerts. 
•Real-time remote audio and video surveillance. 
•Real-time vehicle front end image capture function. 
•Two-way voice intercom, vehicles broadcast function. 
•Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) remote control function. 
•Vehicle’s historical tracking playback function. 
•Remote video search, download, and playback capabilities. 
•Alarm Linkage (Emergency button alarm, Video signal alarm, Unauthorized unlock alarm, Hard disk-error alarm, Over-speed alarm, Motion detection alarm, Long idling time alarm, Temperature alarm, GPS signal lost alarm, IO alarm (custom), Electronic map lock alarm.
•Assets Report Description 
•iPhone and ANDROID mobile smartphone Client Support 

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