How to Choose Mobile DVR?

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Nowadays, the brands and types of Mobile DVRs on the market can be said to be diverse and colorful. Products with fast recording speed, large storage capacity, large compression ratio, and high image clarity are everywhere. So how do you buy a Mobile DVR? Today, the Mobile DVR Manufacturer is here to explain the tips for choosing a Mobile DVR.
To distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the Mobile DVR, you can judge from the important performances such as recording speed, storage capacity, picture clarity, and operation and usage. However, in the comparison of these points, there are many misunderstandings in the market. Many users blindly pursue speed, large capacity, and high definition, but I don't know that these three indicators are mutually restrictive. It is impossible to require all three to achieve the best; and whether the operation is simple or not, it is often used by most engineers. The company's equipment selection staff ignored it until it was discovered during the installation process, which wasted a lot of time.
How to Choose Mobile DVR
The advantages and disadvantages of distinguishing Mobile DVR are as follows:
1. Recording speed
When multi-channel recording is used, some Mobile DVRs use advanced image displacement detection to greatly increase the recording rate. The recording speed of the image is almost instantaneous, which is many times faster than a video recorder without image displacement detection. However, it should be noted that the image displacement detection recording refers to the full-screen compression of the full screen of the camera with image displacement, instead of only compressing and recording the image displacement activity in each camera image, although the latter can also increase the recording rate, but in Europe and America. In the law, such images will not be available as evidence.
2. Storage capacity and backup
The larger the recording capacity, the better, but the most important thing is to have an interface to connect external digital storage devices to back up image data. Only when you back up frequently can you ensure that valuable images can be safely saved and easily transmission. It is unwise to have a few months of images on the internal hard drive of the machine. Once the machine is damaged, all the data will be completely lost.
How to Choose Mobile DVR
3. Image clarity
The image clarity directly reflects the quality of the SD Card Mobile DVR, but from a technical point of view, the higher the definition, the larger the storage capacity, so that the user can adjust the level of clarity according to the actual situation. The best design, almost all the products of the brands have been done.
4. Easy to operate or not
The ease of operation and use ultimately determine the adaptability of the product in practical applications. More and more users hope that the equipment they use will be able to complete all functions by one button. Many manufacturers ignore the overall quality of the user's use of electrical equipment. The product is designed to have many functions, the operation is too complicated, and the result is difficult to be promoted. In order to improve this deficiency, many manufacturers are constantly improving their products, such as using a user-friendly keyboard, simplifying daily operation and use, or increasing the network interface function of the computer, and adapting to the development trend of the network to expand the possession in the international market. rate.
The above are the tips to choose Mobile DVR, you still have to choose the Mobile DVR that suits you according to your needs. Our company specializes in providing Mobile CCTV Solutions. If you need it, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with professional services.

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